Make an Appointment

CommLab uses Scholar to book appointments. Please follow the below directions to make an appointment through the Scholar site. Feel free to email CommLab at if you have questions or difficulties.

  1. Click here to go to the Scholar homepage.
  2. Use your VT PID and password to login to Scholar (located in the blue box at the top right-hand corner of the page). *NOTE: All current VT students already have an account for Scholar so there is no registration of any kind necessary.
  3. Once logged in, click "Membership" link located within the left-hand navigation panel under "Settings."
  4. Then click "Joinable Sites" in the horizontal gray navigation bar underneath the "Membership" title.
  5. Using the search feature type "CommLab" (1 word!) and it should be the only result. Once you find it, click "CommLab" and it will bring you to our site.
  6. In the right-hand navigation bar under "Communication," click "Sign-up."
  7. From here you can view all available appointment times. To schedule an appointment, click on the time you want and fill in the appropriate information. Please use the Comments box to 1) state whether it is a group or individual appointment and 2) to explain the nature of the appointment. You can also remove yourself from the schedule should a conflict arise.

Again, if you have difficulties with the site or have questions about your appointment or the procedure, please email us at!

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Make an Appointment

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